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This device is as straightforward as they come. We set out to design a device that created constant tension but is easy to wear – even when you are working or out for a walk. The beauty is in the device’s strap. It does not extend down to the shoes/socks but uses a band. The band does not sit around the waist or the shoulder. Our band sits right below the knee. You will have almost the same tension whether you are standing or sitting. It works mainly on the outer foreskin.


If you buy both Air and Workhorse we will add the white Adapter to your order.


Safe for all to read/see:


Do not look at the videos if you are a minor. NSFW.



Frame: Silicone

Hood: Silicone


Frame and hood


Adjustable  with a standard length of 11 13/16 inche (around 30 cm).

Foreskinned Workhorse size

Foreskinned Workhorse size