1. Foreskin restoration device

Foreskinned provides high quality and well-engineered foreskin restoration devices. Customers report increased pleasure and a feeling of wholeness after restoring. 

We are currently ramping up the operations. We are keen on doing proper quality control on every single part. Due to COVID-19 and other logistical challenges we might experience delays. The lead time to dispatching the parcel is around 2-4 weeks after ordering. I am working on bringing that number down. You will receive your order but it may take some time. We hope that the wait will be worth it in the end due to the high manufacturing quality. You will appreciate your premium device and the device will be a great companion for the rest of your restoration journey. Please contact me if you need any support or have any questions: info@foreskinned.com.

 Please be aware - the grippers may contain fibers or dust. They are manufactured in a Swedish plant and the workers are handling them with gloves.

All orders to the U.K must be above £135 due to VAT regulations & Brexit.