Please read about the size before ordering a foreskin restoration device

Q: How do I know if your devices will fit my size?

A: We have put much thought into the sizing and thus start with a standard size. We believe it will work for about 85 percent of all individuals. If you are significantly bigger or smaller than average write to us instead of ordering. We will need your measurement before telling you if our devices might work for you. We are planning to release two additional sizes in the upcoming year. All the devices work well with 35 mm X 35 mm (+ - 2.5 mm). 1 3/8 inch X 1 3/8 inch (+ - 3/32 inch). Look carefully at the size picture for each device to better understand the size of each bell and gripper.

LINK - Glans size

Q: What is your shipping policy?

A: Orders above 191 dollars (free shipping). Orders between 96 dollars - 190 dollars (9 dollars shipping). Orders between 0 dollars - 95 dollars (18 dollars shipping).

Q: Which CI-number do I need to have to use Foreskinned Air device?

A: The device works if you are CI-2 or above. If you are CI-3 then it is really easy to use.