We use express delivery with UPS. When Foreskinned fulfills your order UPS will send you tracking information. We will serve additional countries in due course. Check if you can place an order if you are unsure (we have only mentioned our main markets below).

Q: Is the parcel discreet and shipping?

A: Yes! There is no mentioning of Foreskinned on the label.

Q: How long time will the production take?

A: Orders will be fulfilled at 10 or 20 business days at normal operations.

Q: How fast is the shipping?

A: The shipping will usually take 2-10 business days. Look at your own country to get a better estimation below. If you want your order to be shipped to a UPS access point instead of your home, please send me an email.

We are currently fulfilling orders from these countries:

The EU. (Estimated shipping time 1-2 days)

The USA. (Estimated shipping time shipping 2-3 days)

Canada. (Estimated shipping time 2-3 days)

Australia. (Estimated shipping time 4-6 days)

New Zealand. (Estimated shipping time 4-6 days)

The U.K (Only orders above 135£ due to VAT regulation*).

Duties - No duties



The rest of the world - Duties

The rest of the world should count on paying VAT and other duties on the orders. Please check with your government regarding your country’s policy and rules with regards to import.


Duties – The U.K estimation

Below is an estimation of the additional cost with an order value of 135£.

Brokerage Charges:            11.50

Freight Charges                  00.00

Government Charges:         44.21