About us

Foreskinned is a Swedish company, and we deliver safe and amazing foreskin restoration devices. Our products have been developed by an engineering team. Our mission is to bring comfortable yet effective foreskin restoration devices. I am currently restoring and therefore I literally have my own skin in the game! The most important aspects of our products are material selection and the manufacturing process. All the material is approved for food contact according to FDA requirements. We are manufacturing all devices in factories. We will start with a medium size that most likely fits about 85% of all individuals.


There are a risk that other, less reputable companies will sell products that resemble ours at a significantly lower price or use 3D printed products. But these products are inferior in quality and you simply deserve better – for your health and peace of mind. We pledge to always maintain the highest possible standards in terms of quality and effectiveness.



Foreskinned works with two basic materials. All of the items we use are made from materials that meet our strict product requirements.


Silicone has high material integrity, which means that it is a durable material and maintains its properties over time. Silicone can be in contact with oils as well as body lotions. Our first generation of grippers works better than others on the market, but we are constantly striving to make our products even better. We will follow up with a second generation of grippers during the upcoming year.



Nylon is a strong but malleable material. Just like all the other products we offer, we choose plastic that is approved for body. In designing our products, we have tried to use nylon sparingly and use silicone as much as possible.


There is only one visual difference between an intact penis and one that is restored – the end of the foreskin. An intact person has a tight finish, while a restored foreskin has a more open finish. It is possible to perform surgery to get a tighter finish. If you’re like me, you likely don't want any more surgeries performed on your penis. Therefore, we have developed a device (Forebear) that can teach the foreskin to lay on top of the glans like a natural foreskin! We believe that it will quickly transform your penis to create a natural looking foreskin. The device has a small downward slope to create an even more realistic appearance of an intact penis.