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Most retainers on the market today are either O-rings or completely round. The problem with O-rings is that you cannot sleep with them on due to safety concerns. The problem with retainers on the market today is that their shape does not match the anatomy of a penis. Our design follows the exact measurements (as accurate as possible) of the glans. All men have a longer head on the upper side than on the underside.

Simply put, we have developed a retainer that is the best on the market. It will fit perfectly, even if you get an erection, as long as you have enough loose skin. It is a superior design that will stay in the right place all day long and protect your glans from friction. And the best thing is that our retainer "teaches" your foreskin where it should be on the glans. For my part, I can see  that my skin unfolds over the glans by itself to an increasing degree. Our retainer has a 7.5% forward tilt downwards. The purpose of the slope is to create the look of a natural foreskin. No one can tell the difference.

Safe for all to read/see:


Do not look at the videos if you are a minor. NSFW.

Frame: Nylon

Hood/gripper: Silicone


Frame and hood.

Foreskinned Forebear size

Foreskinned Forebear size

Foreskinned Forebear size