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This is our Dual Tension Restorer. The Tower builds both inner and outer foreskin. The product has a cushion to protect your glans from pressure. All parts are designed for maximum durability. The frame is extended, which means that a larger area is under tension and to a faster pace in your foreskin restoration journey. If you want to focus on inner skin, you should use rubber bands, but if you want to focus on the outer skin, you should lock the product.

You can choose between standard and notched push plate in the meny.

Safe for all to read/see:


Do not look at the videos if you are a minor. NSFW.


Frame, rod, and push plate: Nylon

Lock: Metal

Hood/gripper and cushion:  Silicone


Frame, hood, locks, rod, cup and cushion

Foreskinned Tower size

Foreskinned Tower size