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Stretch is a foreskin restoration device that helps to naturally restore the foreskin. It has an adjustable leg strap and supports multiple usages, offering the best results from any foreskin restoration methods currently available.

  1. Retaining: Stretch can be used for retaining purposes. Many restorers have found it highly convenient to wear it while not actively restoring, particularly during sleep. It creates a tapered and tight appearance in the foreskin, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

  2. Tugging: By using the leg strap, Stretch can transform into a regular tugger, similar to the Workhorse device. This allows for targeted tension and controlled stretching to promote restoration progress. Stretch comes with the leg strap as standard.

  1. Weight device: With weights and adapters Stretch can function as a weight device, similar to the Gravity device. This additional option provides tension and stretching through the application of weights, facilitating a comprehensive restoration experience.

The versatility of Stretch will greatly benefit restorers, offering flexibility in achieving their restoration goals. I encourage you to explore these different modes of usage and perhaps even discover new innovative ways to utilize this device. Stretch comes with the leg strap. To get the most out of Stretch, please consider adding adapter Gravity.