Foreskinned Air Generation 2

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Foreskinned Air Generation 2 stands out as the premier foreskin restoration device in the market. We have dedicated countless hours to product development, and the end result is nothing short of incredible, featuring a notable increase in tugging hours per session. The only reason to remove the device is for bathroom use.


The new Air Generation 2 is a state-of-the-art device that enables the restoration community to dedicate significantly more hours to their daily restoration efforts. The manufacturing process takes place in reputable factories, and stringent quality control overseen by Ben ensures that the delivered product maintains an outstanding level of quality.





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Customer Reviews

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Works great

Works wonderfully well with workhorse. I am seeing results fast after leaving this on comfortably throughout the day

Are the Foreskinned gen. 2 devices really that good?

100% Yes! Decided to treat myself and upgrade my Foreskinned Air device for a generation 2 model. My oh my, straight off I was able to wear it for 5 hours at a time. Previously I’d only ever managed 2 hours before needing a break.
The quality of these devices is outstanding. Easy to wear and targets growth just where I need it. Pretty sure this is the device that will see me over the hump. A life-changer!

Gen 2 Air

This is by far the most comfortable device I have used.
It doesn't pinch or cause any pain, and once it's on, you almost forget its there!

Hopefully this will be the one device to get me over the CI3 hump and into the future with full coverage.

Thanks Ben!

Zach R
Wonderfully comfortable

This is my 3rd device I've purchased and honestly its the only one two combo I'll need for the rest of my journey as I've recently purchased the workhorse to pair with it for outer skin . It's very comfortable and easy to put on. The dual bell helps keep the skin in place which has always been a big issue for me. I can wear it out and about comfortably and its rather easy to adjust the pressure if there's too much or too little. Definitely worth the investment. :D

Immense gratitude!

I had been restoring on and off for years. My slow progress was due to the fact that I never liked any of the devices I had been using (I've bought many over the years). Until I discovered Foreskinned. I've been using both generations of the Air devices with weights and my progress continues to amaze me. The quality of your products is some of the best I've experienced. I will forever be grateful to you for creating a product that allowed me to achieve my restoring goals. All the best to you.